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With Acano you can have a video conference from anywhere in the world from a plethora of devices.  This can be anything from a standard video conferencing system to your mobile phone.  With Acano you are able to join a multi-point call from any of the supported devices, and join a multipoint video call from all of them.  The application can be used on Windows, OSX, IOS and Android, covering the majority of devices available.  The Acano client can also be accessed via any operating system that can use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


Not only can Acano be used from any device it also support many video conferencing standards, with Acano you are able to make calls between open and closed standards.  So with Acano you could make a multi-point call between somone on an iPad, someone using a Polycom Group 310, Cisco SX20, Windows PC and a Macintosh, with no issues.  All devices are treated equally with Acano.


Acano was built from the ground up to be secure, using the goverment standard for excription, making it imposible for people to eaves from on your conversation.


At Interlink Vision we are a certified partner of Acano, giving you full piece of mind that the solution we supply is to industry standard and approved by Acano.

Another advantage of Acano is that is very quick to set up.  With Acano you are able to get going with no physical systems to set up.  I'll use a laptop as an example, as this is the most popular device for Acano.  There are two ways to access Acano from a laptop, you can either use the WebRTC portal in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox sign in and your away. You can also download the Acano application.


With both the WebRTC and Acano client, you are able to do point to point calls, text chat other Acano client users, start or join a multi-point call, known as a CoSpace within Acano, all from inside the client.


If you want to have a demo with Acano feel free to contact us and we will be happy to arrange one for you.