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Audio & Web Conferencing

If you need a tool to make collaboration simple as well as making sure you deliver that message your audience can understand, then Interlink Visions web conferencing and audio conferencing service is the answer for your business. Our web conferencing solution will let you see, share and update documents online while discussing your topics via an audio conferencing call.





















We offer a unique web conferencing service called Link Me, the application provides a number of key features and is supported by IOS, Android and Windows devices. Link Me lets you launch and join a web conference in a two step process, using our online link me web site. From our hosted cloud you can access your meeting with your Link Me access code.


What are the benefits of Audio & Web Conferencing?  


Results of Cost Savings – Web Conferencing can be conducted without any geographical boundaries or limitations


Efficient Communication with Real time collaboration – Have you ever had a scenario where you have not had time to meet with a colleague or client and thus have to review project documentation on the telephone. This can be very time consuming and not to mention can be very unconstructive, so why not share, collaborate and discuss your projects and topics in real time with your partners, colleagues and suppliers


Quicker Output – If you have an emergency and need to develop documents in real-time quickly, web conferencing and audio conferencing can help you to achieve this


What can I use Audio & Web Conferencing For?


  • Webinars

  • Online Training Sessions

  • Company Briefings

  • Project Management Meetings

  • Sales/Technical Meetings

  • Reviewing Colleagues Documentation



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