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Digital Signage

Many businesses are now turning to digital

signage to get their message across. Unlike

traditional signs, digital signage can be edited,

tweaked or redesigned at any time, giving

your business total flexibility over its marketing.

With digital signage, the technology is made

up of two distinct components: the screen

and the software. Let’s look at each one in turn.


Digital Signage Screens & Software


Interlink Vision recommends a range of screens for digital signage including the Samsung Smart Digital Signage Displays. . For some businesses, a single display is enough to convey its marketing messages. In large spaces, multiple displays can be combined to create massive visual impact. Digital signage can be passive or interactive, and businesses are increasingly choosing touch screens to encourage the viewer to engage with the content. The content that will be displayed on your screen (or screens) can be compiled, scheduled, crafted and changed by your marketing or IT departments. Using special software, the message conveyed can instantly be changed, giving digital signage a clear advantage over traditional types of ‘offline’ marketing.


Video Walls


Nothing creates an impact quite like a stunning visual display, and in today’s crowded market, bigger is always better. Video walls are a fantastic way to entertain, engage and delight an audience or facilitate collaboration in the workplace.

Video Walls: Context and Uses

Video walls are best used in large rooms, lecture theatres and open plan areas to deliver a variety of content types. Your local shopping mall will almost certainly have at least one video wall, but these systems are increasingly being used in business as panel prices become more affordable.

As a content delivery system, the potential is almost endless. The video wall could act as a digital signage medium, an advertising display, an interactive

touch screen game or a display purely for

entertainment purposes. Your visitors won’t fail to

notice the video, whatever it may be.


Display Screens


Understanding What’s Available

Display screens come in three different types.

•LCD screens are bright, sharp and inexpensive. The picture is formed using a lamp behind the display panel itself.

•LED screens use the least power and are ideal for energy conscious businesses. The LED’s themselves doing the job of the lamp in an LCD display.

•Plasma screens are reliable mainstays of the display market but are becoming a fairly specialised product. We still recommend plasmas for customers that need superb colour reproduction in an extremely high quality unit. Plasma screens can also be ordered in truly enormous sizes: more than 3.5 metres across the diagonal.


Once you get in touch with Interlink Vision, our specialists will work with you to understand your display requirements. We’ll also ascertain where the unit is to be mounted so that we can supply an appropriate unit. If your display will be mounted to the wall, our technicians will provide all of the necessary mounts that are compatible with your display.




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