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CallPresence Hybrid Video Conferencing & Collaborative Solutions

Bridging the Private and Public Cloud World Together


Interlink Vision provides a sophisticated Global service for Private, Public and Hybrid Managed cloud Services for video conferencing and collaboration. We believe our expertise can help organisations achieve their goals with our mixture of bespoke solutions.


Interlink Visions private on premise, hybrid &

cloud video solutions enables guaranteed quality

of service, using advanced and up-to-date video

network infrastructure, with world class technical

support & concierge services.  We can work

alongside you’re in house technical support teams

or teams with no expertise of video conferencing

networks.  We can provide public or Hybrid video conferencing solutions depending on your requirements, and existing video conferencing infrastructure.


Hybrid Video Conferencing Services


Interlink Vision can deploy your hybrid video network infrastructure & video conferencing systems and remotely manage the environment, be that housed within a private or public network. A hybrid solution would help:


•  Clients who have video infrastructure that do not support new up and coming video functionality for today’s changing market.

•  Client’s current infrastructure that may not have enough MCU port capacity and require the use of an overspill model to the cloud when needed.

•  Clients who want advanced monitoring with a cost-effective, scalable solution that is guaranteed to provide quality, reliablity, secure video & audio conferencing services.


Why a Hybrid Solution?


Video Conferencing with cloud services can now be seen as an integral part of everyday visual collaboration; however adopting an in house solution with skilled personnel can be very costly. Interlink Vision can help you support and maintain your video communications architecture with a bespoke hybrid cloud video solution tailored for your organisation. Leave it to Interlink Vision’s qualified and skilled experts to remotely manage your video conferencing system environment and operations.


Visual collaborations will exponentially increase as you invest in additional hardware & software endpoints.


•  Scalability – Interlink Vision are proud of the vast pool of resources and solutions available to cater any organisations needs.

•  Security – The Hybrid solution can be used to provide private networks the security within the most critical areas, assuring that requirements are fulfilled for data sharing and video network storage.

•  Management – Pro active management ensures any organisations guidelines and demands are up to date.


Why Interlink Vision Hybrid Solutions?


Outsourcing to Interlink Vision to deploy a

hybrid video as a service solution for private

on promise video infrastructure could not

be easier. With the management and

operations of your videoconferencing

environment in our experts’ hands, we can

help drive the end user experience and make sure that any solution you go for is easy to adopt and easy to use, therefore increasing the rate of return on your videoconferencing investment.


Interlink Visions Hybrid Video Managed Service promotes an ultimate cloud-based videoconferencing user experience for organisations wishing to have the functionality of ISDN connectivity, Data Collaboration, Recording & Streaming, Skype to H323 room system on video, Google Talk to H323 room system on video, Microsoft Lync to H323 room system on video, H.323/SIP Transcoding and Availability Monitoring & Management Tools.


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