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Our lamp service is tailored to make sure your projectors are consistently up and working with minimum downtime as you need it to be. Interlink Vision ensures that our suppliers of genuine projector lamps & bulbs are met to the highest standard at a competitive price. We also maintain a high stock level of lamps to your needs with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Features of Our Lamp Service


Original Lamps 

Interlink Vision do not supply copied lamps, so you can be certain lamps we provide are wholly supported by the manufacturer

Easy Replacement

Interlink Visions replacement process ensures second to none warranty and support

Fast Delivery

Interlink Vision provides comprehensive stock levels of lamps, as we feel we can keep your projector downtime to a minimum.

Competitive Price Match

We believe it is our duty to ensure that cost saving solutions are provided for our customers.

Environmental Aspect

Gain access to free recycling of your old lamps and help save the environment


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