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Video conferencing is one of the most powerful communications tools available to modern businesses.


By using video, your employees, clients and suppliers

can meet ‘face to face’ without the time and expense

of traditional meetings.


Interlink Vision is committed to helping businesses in

the UK and globally make the most of videoconferencing

technology. Our managed solutions offer advanced

connectivity without time setting up equipment or diagnosing problems. Our solution can be installed as part of a wider unified communication strategy, giving your staff the immense power of advanced telephony at their fingertips.


Register your video conferencing system or client to the CallPresence cloud and your system will support a wide range of software and hardware: mobile devices, desktops and laptops, IP and ISDN, Google Talk, Skype and Microsoft Lync.


Benefits of Managed Videoconferencing


Interlink Vision’s videoconferencing solutions are designed for the busy workplace. By handling the management of your system, we lift the burden of maintenance from your staff, leaving them to get on with running their meeting.


Our video as a service packages also offer a number of other key benefits:


•  Secure and private connectivity

•  Customised configuration that can scale up over time

•  Lower costs; better use of company time and resources

•  Integration into a unified communications strategy

•  Proactive monitoring, system patching, reports and bug fixes

•  Experience and technical expertise from a ‘Video Concierge’

•  Fixed, predictable monthly costs


Interlink Vision manages the endpoints and infrastructure behind your system. Our technicians can operate the system remotely to diagnose and fix problems.


Advanced Features


Interlink Vision offers a range of advanced videoconferencing features aimed at improving the reliability and security of the system.


Virtual Meeting Rooms


Our virtual meeting rooms offer both HD and SD video and multipoint bridging. Virtual meeting rooms can be self or part-managed with a range of participants, and offer connections to third party services such as Skype and Microsoft Lync.


Firewall Transversal


Using firewall transversal, videoconferencing calls are connected through your company’s firewall. This avoids the unsecure practice of opening multiple ports, potentially inviting intrusion from malicious sources or opening up your system to the public.


ISDN Gateway


Our ISDN gateway service effectively acts as an interface between your company’s IP-based system and third party ISDN systems. This allows both ISDN-to-ISDN and ISDN-to-IP connectivity without the need to buy additional digital lines.


Protocol Transcoding


Interlink Vision’s protocol transcoding securely connects SIP-based systems

with H.323 and H.323 with SIP. This helps to keep your connection secure.


CallPresence Cloud


Interlink Vision provides clients with CallPresence, a suite of cloud tools that offer managed and hosted videoconferencing services without the expense of a private video infrastructure.


CallPresence is ideal for companies starting out in videoconferencing or If your business already owns some hardware, CallPresence can help you make the most of it.