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CallPresence™ Multi-point Bridging Services

nterlink Vision’s multipoint bridging service allows multiple locations to connect using

different types of connections: IP to ISDN and SIP & H323.


The result is an easy-to-use, fully integrated

video conferencing platform, free from the complications

and headaches of mismatched equipment and different

connections. It’s a truly modern solution that takes the

technical glitches and headaches out of videoconferencing.


How Multipoint Bridging Works


Our multipoint bridging services are suitable for two or more videoconferencing participants. Our system operates over a secure cloud connection that offers unbeatable speed and performance.


Our clients benefit from convenient booking form via the web as well as a 24/7 technical support team to ensure all calls are successfully connected.


Delivering Your Video conferencing Platform


Videoconferencing can be provided on demand or

via a fully managed solution. With the fully managed

option, Interlink Vision staff take ownership of any

problems and proactively monitor your system to

ensure smooth operation, 24/7.


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