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On-Site AV & VC Services

Expand your horizons with bespoke audio

visual and videoconferencing support

from Interlink Vision. For an affordable

price, your business can benefit from

many years’ AV expertise, as well as some

much-needed support during periods of

high demand.


With our AV and VC support services, we

supply highly specialised technical

engineers that work in tandem with your

own employees. By using Interlink Vision

you put your equipment to best use while cutting downtime.


Interlink Vision has a proven track record of providing AV solutions to businesses all over the country. With its skilled technicians on board, your business can get on with the task at hand.


Services Offered

Interlink Vision offers a broad range of options, including:


                                                                                      •Supervision while equipment is in use

                                                                                      •Booking in and out of loan equipment

                                                                                      •Technical support using telephone, email and web

                                                                                      •Fault reporting, repairs and manufacturer returns          

                                                                                       on your behalf

                                                                                       •Formulation of workarounds and resolutions for    

                                                                                       technical problems

                                                                                      •Servicing and maintenance, including detailed            

                                                                                       status reports

•Equipment setup and takedown for meetings and events

•Event management services, both in-house and

at external venues

•Training in the use of your equipment

•Liaison with third party suppliers

•General consultancy on any aspect of your AV


•Support for internal teams at busy periods, or

when resource is lacking

•Great customer facing skills and a can-do attitude


The team we offer is flexible and scalable. Small businesses generally only need one or two technicians, whereas large corporations may want to ensure they have an entire helpdesk team on



Your Requirements


On site AV and VC support may be just what your  business needs to protect its investment and

ensure staff are always ready to work. Contact us today with your enquiries. And, if you need a service not mentioned in the list above, contact us to discuss your needs.




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