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Video Conferencing Video Bridging Service 

Interlink Vision’s pay-as-you-go video bridging service is the perfect solution for those businesses requiring a short term, cost effective service to host your multipoint video conferences or to connect different video protocol such IP to ISDN or SIP to H323.


Our video bridging service has the capability to allow any number of video conferencing systems, regardless of location (international or local) to join a video

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The end result is a simple-to-use, fully integrated, resilient video conferencing platform, free from the issues and complications of equipment interoperability and different connections.  It’s a stress free service that removes the headaches and pitfalls that are associated with videoconferencing.


Video Bridging Specifications


Our clients benefit from a useful booking form available to download via our website which can be used to confirm what information our video conference engineers will require for your conference to ensure we can connect all parties and to carry out mandatory test calls before the date and time of your conference.  Interlink Vision’s video bridging service is available 24/7 with a 24/7 technical support team to ensure all calls are successfully connected

ip to isdn

conference using either your own video conferencing system/software client, a Interlink Vision free desktop video client for non-video enabled users or finally by telephone or mobile phone.

Our video bridging service functions over a secure hosted cloud that offers unbeatable speed and performance. Interlink Vision do not charge any extra to dial in on different protocols such as ISDN, and we allow any mixture of protocols to dial (SIP/H323/ISDN/PSTN/GSM) into the conference, with the only limitation being the number of pre- configured video seats available for your conference

If you would like to book a video conference or would like more information on our video bridging services, please submit an enquiry form or contact a member of the sales team.